Congratulations 2016 OSD Employee Recognition Award winners!

Congratulations to all of the 2016 Olympia School District Employee Recognition Award winners. We appreciate everyone who sent in nominations!

The winners will be honored at the June 6 Olympia School Board meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m. at Knox Administrative  Center, 1113 Legion Way S.E., Olympia.

This year’s winners (including some categories with multiple winners) are:

“The Instructor – Excels in Teaching”
Any staff member who continually demonstrates outstanding efforts in helping students both achieve and exceed the Common Core State Standards.
Karen Adams-Griggs, Avanti High School Teacher
Linda Herseth, Marshall Middle School Math Teacher

“The Innovator – Changes Making a Difference”
Any staff member who demonstrates innovative strategies that significantly improve the district mission.
Melissa Charette, Washington Middle School DLC Program Teacher

“The Unsung Hero – Goes the Extra Mile”
Any staff member who continually gets results with little or no fanfare.
Starla Hoff, Human Resources Labor Relations Specialist
Deborah Inglin, Olympia High School Teacher, Special Education
Cissy McCormick, Director of Student Support and Early Childhood
Scott Swinkels, Washington Middle School Custodian

“The Bridge Builder – Reaches out to the Community”
Any staff member who fosters and supports family and community involvement for advanced learning.
Anne Meyer, Madison Elementary School Title I Parent Involvement Coordinator

“The Champion of Differences – Celebrates Diversity”
Any staff member who, by his or her actions, celebrates the values and differences of individual groups.
Matt Grant, Olympia High School Principal
Marty Manley, Lincoln Options Teacher

“The Coach – Supports Others”
Any staff member who plays a unique role in enabling others to excel.
Jen Boelts, Capital High School Career Counselor
Betsy Durant, Jefferson Middle School Head Secretary

“The Dream Team – Above and Beyond”
Any group of staff members working together to help students succeed in or out of the classroom.
Math PLC Data Team, McLane Elementary School
Becky Beswick
Rachel Diane Brock
Renee James Burney
Leann Caranci
Cindra Dooley
Jen Flo
Becky Hahn
Ashley Hamilton
Holly Jensen
Theresa Marcus
Joan Moore
Hollie Myhr
David Oas
Olivia Rethwill
Alyssa Thrasher
Connie Tran

Math Department Teachers, Capital High School
Louis Avden
Kim Broderick
Melissa Johnston
Bryan Keister
Scott LaViollette
Andrew Lopez
Carol McKay
Chris McNabb
Tracey Miller
Kelly Pankau
Karla Urevig