Technology “to-dos” before leaving for summer break

Below are some details regarding technology to prepare you for the summer and next year.

Summer Checkout for Classroom Teachers

Our technicians will visit each classroom to ensure you have all of your basic classroom tech, as well as coordinate if you are leaving your laptop or iPad with us for the summer.  There will be no form for you to sign.

Laptops and iPads

You may leave your laptop or iPad with technology over the summer if you wish.  We will only be storing it, so it will be as you left it when you pick it up.  Contact the helpdesk if you want to do this.

Classroom Tech

Please lock up your remote controls, video dongles and microphones over the summer.  These are the devices that typically get lost if left out.

Retiring Staff

If you are retiring this year and you have district issued technology, please contact the helpdesk so we can check it back in.

Changes for Next Year

We are adding a letter label to each chromebook cart; there are not enough basic colors to cover all of the carts we have at larger schools and managing this has become a challenge.  We will phase the colors out over next school year.

Additionally, we will be adding DNR stickers (Do Not Repair/Replace) to older technology.  When one of these fails, it won’t be repaired and won’t be replaced.  We will continue to issue out new carts of chromebooks to all schools every year, and carts of PC/Mac laptops for all schools over a 5 year cycle.

Summer Technology Support

The helpdesk is open all summer.  Please feel free to contact us if you need tech support or wish to schedule maintenance for your computer.

Thank you!

Technology Helpdesk

360-596-6172 or ext. 6172