Everything you need to know about surplus equipment and materials

Did you know that the district has a board policy that explains how to legally dispose of surplus equipment and/or materials? Policy 6881, which is posted on the district website and is linked here, outlines that process. What is important for all employees to understand is that when an item needs to be surplused, even if it is something that another colleague would like to have, it must go through the proper process. In other words, it’s not OK to put equipment in the hall as surplus and then allow others to take for their own personal/home use. Surplus items must go through the proper process.

A portion of the policy reads:

“Prior to disposing of any surplus texts, other books, equipment, materials or relocatable facilities, the Superintendent shall serve written notice in a newspaper of general circulation in the school district and to any public school district or private school in Washington state annually requesting such notice. All schools on the list shall be notified in writing of the materials and equipment that is available. The material or equipment shall be sold to any interested public or private school at its depreciated cost or fair market value, whichever is greater. Students shall have priority in the purchase of texts. Disposition of such surplus property to parties other than public or private schools may take place thirty days after written notice is served.”