School board sets 2016-17 goals

In his Friday message last week, Superintendent Dick Cvitanich shared with all staff the Olympia School Board’s goals for the 2016-17 school year. We are sharing these board goals again below. It is easy to return to the blog at any time to revisit this article or any other board posts, which are archived on the Home page.

Board Goals: 2016-17

1. By November 2016, create an Olympia School District Equity Committee whose charter is to develop a work plan by June 2017 to:

  • Create a district vision for equity.
  • Build districtwide understanding of equity.
  • Develop organizational leadership and measurable growth indicators.

2. In a concerted effort to close the achievement/opportunity gap, conduct a review by May 2017, in which:

  • Each school identifies the needs of their students who consistently do not meet standard.
  • Resources currently targeted to close the achievement/opportunity gap are examined for alignment and effectiveness.

3. By November 2016, identify a consultant to conduct a K-12 boundary review by March 2017, for the purpose of balancing numbers in facilities and access to choice and optional programs. Explore options to balance enrollment and increase equity of access to all high schools to facilitate planning for future enrollment, capital investment and increasing high school graduation rates to 100%.

4. By March 2017, complete a detailed budget review to:

  • Re-examine those budgets which the school board impacts.
  • Ensure budgets are aligned with and targeted to identified needs.
  • Ensure funding is utilized as effectively as possible.

5. By Spring 2017, in collaboration with the Communications Department, improve communication with the Olympia School District community by providing information on:

  • Current Board Directors in order to better acquaint the community with them on a personal level.
  • Roles, responsibilities and terms of a school board director in order to convey that the positions are accessible to the community.
  • Anticipated openings on the school board.

6. By June 2017, conduct an early learning needs assessment to facilitate long-term planning for the district’s 0- 5-year-olds to support their success in school and life. By December 2016, hire a consultant to conduct the assessment.