Reminders about use of sick leave, vacation and leave without pay

Below is a message from Scott Niemann, executive director of Human Resources, regarding the use of sick leave, vacation, and leave without pay. This guidance is intended for our employee groups to clarify our bargaining agreements (CBAs) and district interpretation of current language.

Some district employees believed that they may use vacation benefits when they exhausted their sick leave benefits. This is not correct. Employees’ attendance is required, and regular attendance is an essential function of your job.

  • An employee may use accrued sick leave for:
    • his/her own personal health condition.
    • to care for a child with a health condition that requires treatment or supervision, or
    • to care for a spouse, registered domestic partner, parent, parent-in-law or grandparent with a serious or emergency health condition.
  • An employee may use vacation when it is approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor. Employees should check their CBA for the number of days in advance that approval must be made. If this is not stated in the CBA, employees should check with their supervisor for guidance.
  • An employee may not use vacation when he/she has exhausted their accrued sick leave unless the employee has been approved for FMLA, is on an approved extended medical leave or has pre-approved vacation time.
  • If an employee exhausts his or her sick leave, the employee will not be granted leave without pay. In general, leave without pay is not an acceptable practice in this district.

Thank you for your daily commitment to students and the community.