Safety Tip of the Week

This week Wendy Couture, the district’s safety and risk reduction manager, starts off the new year with safety tips related to the “Safety First” message.



Every New Year can begin with the phrase “out with the old and in with the new,” but for safety, it’s always in! “Safety First” is a tried and true message that’s worth keeping year in and year out.

This New Year’s resolutions should include a promise to yourself, your coworkers and your family that you will work safe at work and at home each day. Make sure to try to keep your promise and take it one day at a time. Soon the year will be gone and you will be able to celebrate another safe year.

Repeat your promise daily, and pass on your message to coworkers and family to create a safety-focused year. The great thing about working safe is you, your students, your coworkers and your family reap the benefits immediately. By not having an injury, you are able enjoy each day without pain and potential suffering.

Safety tips to make this year a success:

  1. Watch for and correct tripping hazards on the floor, such as cords or unsecured carpet edges.
  2. Make sure exits and fire extinguishers are not obstructed.
  3. Make sure bookcases are not overloaded.
  4. Make sure counter areas and work areas are free of clutter.
  5. Check to see if the desk, tables and chairs are in good repair.
  6. Do not allow unapproved materials to hang from the wall or ceiling tiles.
  7. Ensure heater vents and registers are not covered or obstructed.
  8. Make sure closets are tidy and there are no items stored that could fall and hit a person in the head.
  9. Practice safe lifting procedures at all times.
  10. Be sure all chemicals and cleaning supplies are properly stored.
  11. Never stand on a chair or table to reach overhead. Rather, get a ladder or step stool for the job.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!