Classified School Employee Week is March 13-17

Proclamation 030617 Classified School Employee Week OSD original

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The Olympia School District is joining the state in recognizing Classified Public School Employee Week March 13-17.

During the March 6 school board meeting, Olympia School District Superintendent Dick Cvitanich read a proclamation designating March 13-17 as Classified Public School Employee Week.

The proclamation, which will be posted next week at each of the district’s schools and support buildings, says in part that classified school employees are dedicated individuals who “deserve recognition and thanks for the outstanding work they are doing for this state, their communities, and the students enrolled in Olympia’s schools.”

Cvitanich noted there are more than 700 classified employees who work with and help children throughout the school district. Classified employees in attendance at the board meeting received applause as they were asked to stand and be recognized.

Classified employees are involved in nearly every aspect of education, including maintaining school buildings and school grounds; providing administrative support; preparing and serving meals; providing safe transportation; keeping school facilities clean; assisting in the classroom; providing a secure environment; providing information technology and media services; and offering other specialized services.