Creating great content for school social media accounts

This is the second in a series of tips and information related to school social media accounts. This week, Communications Assistant Kim Doherty shares about curating content for professional school social media accounts. In a previous post, Doherty explained about the importance of archiving school/district social media accounts.

If you maintain a professional school building social media account on behalf of the Olympia School District, creating great content is important to keep your followers engaged and interested. The more people like, love or comment on your posts, the more often they will see your page. Essentially, you need to “feed the beast” to make your page a place that is visited often.

Remind the staff in your building to send post ideas/content to you on a regular basis. They are your partners and can help build variety and interest for your page.

Content ideas:

  • Student stories
  • Calendar reminders (half days, vacations, conference weeks, etc.)
  • School news & events
  • Faculty features/stories
  • Athletic events/scores/results
  • Concerts, plays & other shows
  • Student artwork
  • Reminders for spirit weeks, etc.
  • Student or staff achievements/accomplishments
  • Was your school or student featured in the local news? (The Olympian, Thurston Talk, etc.)? If so, post a link to their story.
  • Advice, tips and links to relevant information for your families


  • Always include photos. Using photos will generate the highest engagement.
  • When using photos, remember to check for proper permissions for students.
  • Only post images that you have created or you have the right to publish.

Remember to post consistently and frequently to engage your followers!