How to create and maintain an OSD social media account

Copy of OSD Social Media (1)This is the next in a series of tips and information related to school social media accounts. This week, Communications Assistant Kim Doherty shares how to create and maintain an OSD social media account.

Do you currently maintain or wish to open a social media account on behalf of the Olympia School District? Social media is a great way to celebrate student successes, share resources, and connect with parents and the community.

The Communications Department maintains policies, procedures and best practice guidelines for social media in the district. In addition, all district social media accounts must be archived. We contract with a third-party vendor, ArchiveSocial, to archive all district social media accounts.

Successful school social media accounts are active, engaging and visual. School social media accounts must be opened using your district issued email. Always remember to check for proper permissions before posting a student’s image or other protected personally identifiable information.

Below is the process to be followed for all district employees wishing to create a professional social media account/page, which represents the district, their school, school group, team, club or individuals within the schools or programs.

Social Media Account Creation and Archiving Process

  • Employee notifies building administrator or department head.
  • Employee contacts Communications and Community Relations Department for further instructions.
  • Communications Department shares relevant Policy 4007, Procedure 4007P, and Social Media Best Practices with employee.
  • Employee creates social media account(s) using their district email address.
  • Employee emails with the account types (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube), name of the account, link to the account and email address associated with that account.
  • Communications Department sends a connection request via ArchiveSocial to add the account to the archive portal.
  • Employee receives email from ArchiveSocial and follows a few quick steps to connect the account. If you wish to open a social media account, already maintain an account/page and are not signed up for archiving, or the account is managed through a personal email, please contact Communications and Community Relations at (360) 596-6103 or