Attendance matters!

21740943_1613620872032506_3123462478455146253_oThe Olympia School District joins the State of Washington and the nation in recognizing September as Attendance Awareness Month.

Every school day counts and regular attendance is crucial to student success. Students who miss just 18 days a year, or two days per month are considered chronically absent. Chronically absent students are more likely to fall behind in reading and math and less likely to graduate from high school. Developing good attendance habits early sets the stage for success in high school, college and beyond.

Our schools and staff are committed to ensure all students fully benefit from their education by attending school regularly. We ask our parents, families and the entire community to join us and help our students be successful by making every school day count.

Awareness Month was started in 2013 by, a national and state initiative that promotes better policy and practice around school attendance.