OSD wireless update

Close up of laptop and wireless mouse

Below is a message from Dave Baird in the Technology Department:

Dear Staff,

We made some changes over the summer in our wireless infrastructure and, despite our best intentions, we failed to get the word out regarding what was changed. Here is a brief synopsis of our current WiFi networks and their intended function:

  • OSD-Public – This network has no password requirements and has internet only access filtered at the most basic elementary school student level. Because it is wide open it is inherently insecure, and we found many users switching to this network, intentionally or not, and then experiencing problems connecting to other district resources. This network is intended for use by the general public and is now only available before and after school hours at each building.

  • OSD-WiFi – This network is set up for non-district owned devices used by staff and students. This network requires a login, making it much more secure. Staff and students should use their district username and password when joining this network. Access to  the appropriate district resources is then allowed based on the user’s group memberships (Staff, Student, Admin, Tech, etc.)

  • NOSD-Devices – A network for devices (iPads, tablets, e-readers, etc) owned by the district. This network is restricted to known hardware MAC addresses.  Any device added to this network whose MAC address is not on the known list will not be allowed use the network.

  • OSD-WiFi-Chrome – Wireless network restricted to district-owned Chromebooks.

  • OSD-Chromebook – A deprecated network used by Chromebooks that haven’t received an updated configuration to switch to OSD-WiFi-Chrome. This will go away at the end of the year.

  • OSD_2012 – This network is for district-owned laptops. Any device that users need to login to in order to use. We are starting to see other devices connecting to this network and will soon be implementing an access list similar to the one for NOSD-devices.

These networks all have specific intended uses and rules in place. Using devices on networks other than their intended one can cause unexpected results and the inability to reach desired resources. While we are striving to make joining the right network as easy and automatic as possible, it is important to be aware of which network is appropriate in each case, and to make sure devices are on the proper network when in use to avoid these problems.