New Professional Development Catalog features offerings for certificated staff

Front cover of new OSD Professional Development Catalog for Certificated Staff

The following is a message from Lauri Klancke, executive director of Teaching and Learning, about a new quarterly catalog featuring certificated offerings:

We are pleased to announce the very first edition of your quarterly Professional Development Catalog.

The goal has been to develop a catalog where our certificated teachers can access information related to all professional development offerings from the district on a quarterly basis. All departments that hold professional development offerings have been asked to participate in this catalog so you, the audience, have one place to look at all offerings each quarter. This isn’t dialed in perfectly yet, but we will continue to work with all departments and encourage them to participate.

Catalogs will be produced as follows:

Spring:   March – May classes
Summer:  June – August classes
Fall:  September – November classes
Winter:  December – February classes

The catalog is housed on the OSD Intranet in two places: under Staff Development and also on the Teaching and Learning landing page. Olympia School District employees may access the staff Intranet by logging in at the top of the district website Home page.

Please take a moment to look through the catalog. We want this to be a helpful resource you turn to regularly, so feedback will be appreciated!

We know that many factors contribute to a student’s academic success, but research suggests that the biggest school-related factor is directly related to the teacher. A teacher is estimated to have two to three times the impact of any other school factors, and teacher quality has a lasting effect on student learning. With this in mind, we continue to invest in you and your journey in helping all students learn. Thank you for all you do to support our Olympia School District students.