Google Drive File Stream to replace Google Drive App on March 12

Computer sitting on top of picnic table with Google search page on screen

The following is a message from the Technology department:

Google has announced that “Google Drive App,” which is software you download onto your computer to directly connect to your Google Drive, is going away March 12; to be replaced with “Google Drive File Stream.”

If you aren’t currently using Google Drive App (this is not the Google Drive Web page; rather, this is something you download and install on your computer), you may ignore this message and do not need to take any action.

If you are using the Google Drive App, you will need to install Google Drive File Stream.  Please contact the Technology HelpDesk for assistance at Ext. 6172, or view instructions:

There are a couple of big differences between Google Drive App and Google Drive File Stream:

  • Google Drive App was a folder on your computer, while File Stream creates a mounted drive (similar to your P drive).
  • Google Drive App stored your files on both your computer and your Google Drive, so you could access your files without an internet connection. File Stream keeps your files in the cloud so you cannot access them without an internet connection.
    • With File Stream you can choose individual files and folders to store for offline use, as described in the link above under “Find & keep files and folders offline”.

Please contact the HelpDesk (, or call Ext. 6172) if you have any questions or concerns.