Learn how to make documents accessible for posting on district website

Man typing on laptop computerA list of resources and step-by-step instructions to help employees create accessible content and documents for posting on the district website are located in the “Our District” section of the Olympia School District public website. The resources are also linked from the Communications and Community Relations Department page on the staff Intranet.

The list of resources includes information about how to make documents accessible for people with disabilities and gives specific examples for documents created in Word, Google, PowerPoint and more.

The resources will continue to be updated as more step-by-step instructions and helpful tips become available.

View accessibility resources

Safety Tip of the Week: April showers bring May flowers … and wet floors!

Close up of two feet jumped in a puddle of water

This week, Wendy Couture, the district’s safety and risk reduction manager, shares information about how to maintain your safety and the safety of coworkers and students when there are wet floors.

April showers may bring May flowers, but lots of rain or other liquid tracked inside from melting snow or mopped floors may also cause wet floors inside a school or support building.

Remember that wet floors, no matter what the reason, can be extremely dangerous. Wet floors are a major contributor to slips and falls where serious injuries are the result.

Review these wet floor safety tips to help maintain your safety and the safety of your coworkers and students:

Hazards of wet floors:

  1. Slips with rearward falls: Rearward falls produce injuries to the head, back and pelvis.
  2. Employees or students could fall into another person or onto a sharp object like a desk, table or filing cabinet creating a serious injury.
  3. Falls from a standing position can be fatal — for example, slipping on water and falling down stairs or hitting your head on the sidewalk.

Making safety a priority:

  1. Keep floors clean and dry.
  2. Place warning signs in wet areas.
  3. When mopping a hallway or entrance way, mop only one side at a time so employees and students won’t be forced to walk through the mopped area. Do not walk through a freshly mopped area.
  4. Block off areas with wet floors.
  5. Maintain good drainage.
  6. Clean up spills immediately.
  7. Wear footwear that limits slips on wet surfaces.
  8. Place fans to help dry the floor surface quickly if needed.
  9. Do not run on wet floors.

Ever wonder how to safely and efficiently mop a floor? Check out this Safe and Efficient Mopping Techniques handout by Solutions 1.

Wet floors are a hazard at work and at home, so take safety home with you!

Olympia Tumwater Foundation invites early learning grant applications through May 4

Olympia Tumwater Foundation Web page announcement inviting early learning grant applictions. Site includes photos of five women and some children playing on a playground.The Olympia Tumwater Foundation, in its efforts to increase and enhance educational programs in Thurston County, is accepting early learning grant applications through May 4.

Grants are offered to school districts, early childhood education programs and K-3 curriculums located in Thurston County. Acceptable programs will assist children from birth through third grade. Individual grants vary in size from about $300 to $5,000. Funds must be used specifically for this grant request. Applications for teacher/staff training are excluded.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following goals of the grant program:

  • To stimulate student creativity and motivation to learn.
  • To enhance the current learning environment.
  • To leave a lasting impact on as many students as possible.

As a reminder, teachers are encouraged to contact the district Teaching & Learning department before submitting a grant application related to teaching materials.

The Olympia Tumwater Foundation has funded more than $120,000 in early learning grants to deserving Thurston County educators since 2006. Funds will be awarded in late May.

More information is available on the Foundation’s Scholarships and Grants page on the organization’s website or by contacting John Freedman at the Foundation office at 360-943-2550.

Download the grant application

DRS upgrades Plan 3/Deferred Compensation Program online tools and resources

"Empower Retirement" logo with red stripes and red, white and blue colorsOn April 26, The Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) is upgrading online accounts for Plan 3 and/or Deferred Compensation Program participants to a new mobile-friendly platform with more tools to track and manage your retirement. Please click on this link for more information about the upgrade.  You can also watch a short 5-minute video.
If you have any questions about the website refresh, please call the DRS Plan 3 & DCP record keeper, Empower Retirement, at 888-327-5596.