Empty teacher webpages to be archived beginning July 1, 2018

Lincoln Teacher Caron Stehr's Web page on the SchoolMessenger websiteThe end of the 2017-18 school year is right around the corner. As we prepare for summer break, all teacher pages created when we rolled out the new School Messenger websites this past October are being reviewed.

As we review individual teacher pages it has become evident that many have not been updated since they were created and are pages of blank content. Come July 1, the Communications Department will be reviewing all teacher pages and hiding (archiving) pages which have no content on the page. This does not mean the pages will be deleted — rather, simply hidden from public view. If at some point down the road you have interest in pushing content to your teacher page, you simply need to contact the Communications Department at (360) 596-6103 or communications@osd.wednet.edu to have the page reposted and made available to the public.

The reason for unposting these pages is to avoid confusion for our families who are expecting content on teacher pages. This is just best practice. We are aware that there are other options available to teachers (i.e. Schoology) that may be a better fit than a traditional teacher webpage. That is great! We just want to make sure our families have access to updated, accurate content, regardless of platform.

Any hidden teacher pages can be easily recovered should anyone change their mind. If you don’t have any content on your pages currently, but were planning on pushing content out to your page over the summer, please let us know so we don’t hide/archive your page.

If it has been a while since you’ve worked on your page and you need a refresher on how to work in the School Messenger platform, take a few minutes to review these screencasts. They should help answer some of the basic questions you may run into when creating content for your page. These screencasts are posted on the OSD Intranet, so you will be prompted to log in to the site when accessing the videos. Please remember to log in using your district associated Google credentials.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the OSD Communications Department at (360) 596-6103 or communications@osd.wednet.edu. We will be available throughout the summer months. Thank you!