Certificated Staff: Learn about new credit card memorandum of understanding

Man typing on laptop computerThe following is a message from the Business Office:

Shortly, certificated staff will see a new screen upon logging into Skyward.  This is an electronic form to replace a paper form that the auditor requires annually. The form is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for use of a district credit card via the Skyward online forms process. Once you fill out the form and electronically sign, this screen will disappear when you next login to Skyward.

Why is the district doing this?

In the 2015-16 Accountability Audit the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) found evidence that credit card procedures established by the district were not being followed. The findings included:  use of district credit cards on online shopping accounts (such as Amazon) personally registered to an employee and not linked to the district; personal charges being charged on the district credit cards; and cash or cash equivalent being purchased (gift cards & stamps) on district credit cards.

Response to Audit?

Following each audit, a school district must complete a proposed action statement to mitigate audit concerns. OSD reviewed the credit card MOU and found the form to be out of date. We also found that our process for collecting MOUs is inefficient and haphazard.  With the help of the SAO and the OSD District Accounting Advisory Committee, we have established a new form and method of completion that we hope is faster, and more instructive, for all involved.

How does this impact me?

In the next couple of weeks, certificated staff will be prompted with a Required Form Completion screen in Skyward. Skyward will prompt you to complete the new Credit Card MOU by clicking on the form, reviewing each requirement and clicking ‘yes’ that you understand, and electronically “signing” and submitting the form. With the completion of this form you will be authorized to utilize the district credit card.  Annually the district will send the MOU electronically to you via Skyward and request that you complete the form. The form is required to be completed prior to using the district credit card (Principals, office professionals and Knox staff have already been through this process).

Administrative staff will be verifying staff have completed the MOU beginning in Fall of 2018. Unfortunately, failing to complete the MOU will result in loss of credit card privileges in the future. If you fill out this form now, unanticipated travel or impromptu credit card use will be much more smooth if it crops up.

We do understand you may have questions or concerns on this process. Please feel free to contact Business Services at Ext. 6120 with your questions, or send an email to help-business@osd.wednet.edu.

Importantly, the Help Desk is ready to take calls on how to complete this form.  If you have questions as you fill out the form, please call 6172 and they can help you quickly.

We hope this is a quick and efficient way to get some of our annual paperwork out of the way. Office personnel do not have to distribute forms, you do not have to remember to hand in your form, and no one has to manually roll-up which forms are still missing. All of this can be electronic. Please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk at 6172, or Business Services at help-business@osd.wednet.edu .

Thank you for your help in reaching compliance with audit requirements.