Staff and families will receive text opt-in message later this month

Cell phone is shown with someone pushing the on/off button to accompany article about text-in option for SchoolMessenger In several weeks, the district will offer text messaging communications to families and OSD staff. This will be via an opt-in text that will be generated by SchoolMessenger, the company that we contract with for the school district’s website, automated calling and email systems. The opt-in text will go to all OSD staff and OSD families that have cell phone contact information entered in any of the phone number fields in Skyward.

Here is how it works:

  • In mid-October, SchoolMessenger will pull information from Skyward and an opt-in text message will be generated to all available cell phone numbers entered for OSD families and staff.
  • This is an opt-in. Only individuals who reply Y or YES will be opted in to receive text messages. Anyone who does not reply will not receive text messages.
  • Once opted in, families and staff will be able to receive OSD text messages for general and emergency communications. While not currently being used, the service is also capable of sending text messages for attendance and food service communications. By opting in, those fields will be automatically checked and texts sent if offered in the future.
  • If after opting in families wish to change their text settings, they are able to do so by accessing their Skyward account. They can then add/remove text message communications at any time.
  • If after opting in staff wish to change their phone contact information in employee access, please contact the OSD Human Resources department at Ext. 6185.