OSDEF payroll deduction form due October 31

OSDEF Logo with image of stick figures of an adult and children and the name of the Foundation beneathThere are many ways for employees to give to non-profit organizations, including via individual initiative, through annual drives such as United Way, and through the Olympia School District Education Foundation automatic OSD payroll deduction option.

Employees who wish to sign up for the monthly OSDEF automatic payroll deduction may do so by downloading the form attached and returning a signed copy to the Knox Administrative Center Payroll Office. Forms may be sent through inter-district mail or dropped off in person.

Please download and fill out your OSDEF Payroll Deduction form (attached) and return it by October 31, 2018 to the Payroll Department at Knox via inter-district mail.  You can add, change or discontinue your donation at any time by contacting the OSD Payroll Department.

Download the OSDEF automatic payroll deduction form

For more information, email the Payroll Department at help-payroll@osd.wednet.edu.

OSD payroll deduction form