Staff and families will receive text opt-in message on Thursday, October 25

Person holds finger on the on switch for cell phone as if to check messagesOn October 25, the district will offer text messaging communications to OSD families and staff. This will be via an opt-in text that will be generated by SchoolMessenger, the company that we contract with for the school district’s website, automated calling and email systems. The opt-in text will go to all OSD staff and OSD families that have cell phone contact information entered in any of the phone number fields in Skyward.

Here is how it works:

  • On October 25, SchoolMessenger will pull phone number information from Skyward and an opt-in text message will be generated to all available cell phone numbers entered for OSD families and staff in any of the phone number fields listed.
  • The opt-in message will come from the Olympia School  District “short code” phone number: 67587. All text communications from the district will be generated from this number.
  • This is an opt-in. Only individuals who reply Y or YES will be opted in to receive text messages. Anyone who does not reply will not receive text messages.
  • Once opted in, families and staff will be able to receive OSD text messages sent as General or Emergency communications.
  • Texting is most often used in emergency situations such as school lockdowns, late starts or school cancelations due to weather, or a last-minute cancelation of events or activities.
  • Staff and families may also opt-out of these messages at any time by simply replying ‘Stop’ to one of the text messages.
  • If after opting in staff wish to change their phone contact information in employee access, please contact the OSD Human Resources department at Ext. 6185.