Tips for certificated staff to prepare for launch of Schoology Parent Access on November 30

Infographic showing four ways to make the most of Schoology Parent Access, including add due dates and events to the calendar; use course updates; create a folder of course documents; and make a page about you and your contact infoA reminder that Schoology Parent Access will be made available for families starting on Friday, November 30.  Schoology Parent Access allows parents/guardians to view their child’s course activity, as well as materials and information posted by the teacher. If you have any questions, please contact Sharyn Merrigan, Bob O’Donnell or the OSD Help Desk at Ext. 6172.

Parents/guardians will be able to:

  • View their own child(ren)’s courses and groups.
  • View their own child(ren)’s profile, including blog, portfolio and badges.
  • View their own child(ren)’s Schoology calendar to see assignments and events.
  • View their own child(ren)’s activity in courses or groups.
  • View teacher provided materials, posts and comments in their own child(ren)’s courses.
  • View media albums.
  • View tests/quizzes if they are visible to students.
  • Sign up to receive a daily or weekly emailed report of their child(ren)’s work in Schoology.
  • Sign up to receive notifications if an assignment is overdue.

Parents/guardians will not be able to:

  • View scores and grades.
  • Interact with materials.
  • Complete assignments or assessments.
  • Add posts or comments.
  • View posts or comments added by other students.
  • View student or teacher Google files (depending on share settings).

In anticipation of Schoology Parent Access, staff should:

  • Review posted course materials for personal information about students (i.e. full names, photos).
  • Review posted course materials to ensure accessibility compliance.
  • Ensure that test/quiz visibility settings are as expected.
  • Ensure all photos or videos posted that show or name students have FERPA approval.
  • Ensure that Media Albums (a material type) contain files uploaded by the teacher only.
  • Unpublish or delete Media Albums that contain files uploaded by students due to visibility problem (Note: students may share files through Discussion posts instead, as parents will only see their own child’s work).

Once Schoology Parent Access is enabled, teachers/course admin will be able to view their courses as a parent by clicking on Course Options –> View course as [parent]

On November 30, parents/guardians will receive an informational email from the OSD Communications Department, followed shortly by an email from Schoology informing them of their provisioned account log-in information.

To learn more and see examples of communication about Schoology Parent Access that will be sent to families, see an email sent to OSD certificated employees on November 5 from Instructional Technology.