OEA Seniority List is posted on staff intranet

The OEA Seniority List is now posted on the OSD website staff intranet. Employees may access the list here (you will first be prompted to log in to the staff intranet).

Per the OEA Bargaining Agreement, employees have 20 working days (February 12, 2019) to report any dispute regarding their experience. Such disputes must be submitted in writing with supporting documentation to the district and OEA. If no such dispute is submitted, it is presumed the employee agrees with his/her placement.

This seniority list includes employees who hold continuing contracts only (employees with one-year only contracts are not included). A final list will be posted on the district staff intranet in March.


Elementary teachers with questions may contact Stephanie Brownell at stbrownell@osd.wednet.edu.

Secondary teachers/Student Support/Itinerants with questions may contact Maureen Baker at mbaker@osd.wednet.edu.