Board-approved Student Outcomes drive Strategic Planning process

Classroom teacher leads a discussion while students sit on the floor in front of herThe Olympia School Board unanimously agreed in December to approve a set of Student Outcomes as part of its Strategic Planning process.

The Student Outcomes were reached after a six-month process that included extensive community input.

The school board considered this input, including a two-day Educational Summit, two online surveys that elicited thousands of responses, and approximately 50 meetings with staff, students, families and community members, to create, revise and eventually adopt six “will statements” as expectations for students.

The following are the board-approved Student Outcomes, which are posted on the district website:

Our students will:

Outcome 1: Be compassionate and kind.

Outcome 2: Have the academic and life skills to pursue their individual career, civic and educational goals.

Outcome 3: Advocate for the social, physical and mental wellness of themselves and others and be hopeful about the future.

Outcome 4: Have the skills, knowledge and courage to identify and confront personal, systemic and societal bias.

Outcome 5: Discover their passions, be curious and love learning.

Outcome 6: Be critical thinkers who contribute to and collaborate with our local, global and natural world.

The next step is for district leadership, with input from staff, students, families and community members, to further define and interpret these broad outcomes. That deeper explanation will be accompanied by metrics so that staff, students and families will know what is meant by each outcome and how the district will measure if it is successful in reaching that result for all students.

The goal is to have that work completed by the end of this school year.