Department of Retirement Systems hosts two upcoming benefit events

Open notebook with words "My Plan" at the top and person preparing to write with a penThe Department of Retirement Systems’ Education & Outreach team will be hosting the following events in Thurston county:

Retirement Seminar on Friday 6/28/2019 or Sat 6/29/2019 (location information will be provided within two weeks of the event)

This event is designed for members who are within five years of retirement.  You will learn the steps you’ll need to take to retire and begin receiving your state retirement benefit.  You should understand the basics of your state retirement plan prior to attending (watch a video or attend a live webinar).  There will also be a high-level overview of Social Security, health care and VEBA.

Benefits Summit on Thursday 7/25/2019 (location information will be provided at the time of registration)

This event is designed for members who are in the early to middle stages of their careers (although all are welcome!).  It will cover the basics of your state retirement plan and Social Security to encourage retirement planning at all career stages.  You will learn how your benefit is calculated, when you’re eligible to retire, and how you can increase your benefit at retirement.  You will also get a deeper look at saving (DCP), investing & planning for retirement.

Please select the title of the event to register.  If you have questions about registration or if you would like to cancel a reservation, please email