Congratulations to teachers who have earned Common Sense Educator Certification: Spring Cohort

Common sense educator 2018-20 logoEighteen teachers completed the second OSD cohort to earn Common Sense Educator certification by learning about and integrating elements of digital citizenship in their classrooms. The certification process includes readings and webinars, developing curriculum and other resources, and applying approaches in the classroom or family engagement events, followed by a written reflection on the process.

The objectives of the certification program include:

  1. Learn approaches to help students think critically and use technology responsibly
  2. Develop resources and teach lessons about digital citizenship
  3. Reflect on professional growth in the area of digital citizenship and media literacy

Common Sense Media is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a digital world and to supporting families and educators as they harness the power of media and technology to be a positive force in all kids’ lives. Common Sense Media provides a digital citizenship and media literacy curriculum that is widely used in schools, including the OSD library media programs and classrooms.

A new cohort will launch in the fall.  For more information and to enroll, go to pdEnroller event #88043

Congratulations 2018-19 Spring Cohort Common Sense Educators

LP Brown Elementary
Julia Athens
Trisha Douay
Tanya Lee

Madison Elementary
Nancy Pastewski

McKenny Elementary
Caroline (Kelly) Johnson

McLane Elementary
Joan Moore

Pioneer Elementary
Annette McQueen

Jefferson Middle
Tracy Pulsipher

Marshall Middle
Jamie Sproul
Cassie White

Avanti High
Chris Sogn
Quasar Surprise

Capital High
Alicia Boisvert
Kristi Bonds
Nara Brombach
Alex Parker

Olympia High
Brenda Blancas
Jennifer Halvorson

The list of educators who earned their certification during the Fall 2018 Cohort are included in a previous blog post.