Payroll information: September is a complex payroll month!

With the close of every school year, the Payroll Office must run an accrual process (extra payroll in September) to charge hours worked prior to August 31, back to the previous school year (2018-19 SY). Collective bargaining agreements govern the hourly salary of these hours; some hours are paid at the 2018-19 SY rate and some are paid at the 2019-20 SY rate. The timing of payment does not govern the hourly rate. 

If your time slips for the previous school year reached the Payroll Office by September 5, 2019, you can view the extra paycheck in Employee Access section of Skyward. This is not your regular paycheck for September 2019; you can view your regular paycheck on September 30, 2019. 

As long-term employees know, the regular September paycheck will not include any extra hours that were time-slipped in September — even if the time slip was received by September 5. Your October paycheck will include August, September and October time slips that are received by October 10.