Only 15 days remaining for SEBB Open Enrollment

Stethoscope with heart-shaped center designIf you are one of the 600 not enrolled in your benefits, you only have 15 more days left to complete your enrollment.

If you are enrolling your dependents, please see the information below about the dependent verification. If you have already competed your dependent verification, make sure to sign back into SEBB My Account and make sure they have been accepted. You can review this under “manage dependents.”

Clarifications on verifying your dependents

If you are enrolling dependents under your SEBB Program coverage, you must provide proof of their eligibility with documentation that shows they are your legal dependents. This is called dependent verification. It is required in most cases, even if you have previously verified your dependents’ eligibility.

Submit verification documents by November 15, 2019

You must submit valid verification documents for any dependents you wish to enroll by 11:59 p.m. on November 15, 2019 — the last day of the SEBB Program’s first annual open enrollment. A list of valid dependent verification documents is available on the SEBB dependent verification webpage. Your dependents’ eligibility must be approved before they can be enrolled under your coverage.

Additional documentation needed to verify a spouse or state-registered domestic partner

When submitting a marriage certificate or certificate/card of state-registered domestic partnership or legal union, you must also submit evidence that the marriage or partnership is still valid. This evidence can be a document such as a utility bill dated within the last two months showing both your and your partner’s name. Be sure to black out any financial information. When verifying a state-registered domestic partner, you must also submit a SEBB Declaration of Tax Status form.

Troubleshooting issues uploading verification documents

Some employees have reported issues uploading their dependent verification documents in SEBB My Account. Here are some helpful tips to upload your documents successfully:

  • Google Chrome is the preferred web browser. If you are having issues while using Firefox or Internet Explorer, try uploading your dependent verification documents while using Chrome.
  • Documents larger than 4 MB will not load. This could be caused by uploading two documents that total 4 MB at the same time. Try uploading one file at a time, or loading smaller-sized files.

You can also provide documents to your payroll or benefits office in person. These are due to payroll by November 8, 2019.