Supplemental benefits; unique opportunity to enroll through December 20

Stethoscope with heart-shaped center designThe school district is offering several benefits packages that are supplemental to the new health care benefits through the state Health Care Authority. These benefits include Short Term Disability, Accident, Cancer/Critical Illness, Cancer Screening, Hospital Coverage, Long-Term Care, and Legal, ID Protection, and Pet Insurance.

Open enrollment has been extended through December 20. Benefits begin January 1, 2020.

The Payroll Office has brochures for each type of insurance. Please stop by to pick one up.

Carefully consider the following: The district will offer supplemental benefits now. This year only there are NO medical questions related to signing up for these benefits and NO waiting periods for pre-existing conditions. Supplemental benefits typically carry pre-existing conditions exclusions, but these are all waived during this introductory time. (Insurance companies typically waive questions when new benefits are introduced to employees).

In the future, employees may contact N.W. Benefit Advisors directly. In any future enrollment there will be medical questions to answer. Waiting periods and exclusions for pre-existing conditions WILL also apply next year. Take some time and consider these options now!

If you want more information you can contact Claudia De Alba at (425) 458-4988 or  They have evening and weekend phone appointments.