Congratulations to educators who recently earned Common Sense Education certification

Common sense educator 2018-20 logoCongratulations to the latest cohort of OSD teachers who earned Common Sense Educator certification during Fall 2019. They committed themselves to learning about and integrating elements of digital citizenship in their classrooms.  The certification process includes readings and webinars, developing curriculum and other resources, and applying approaches in the classroom or family engagement events. The lessons and resources align closely with OSD Student Outcomes 3 and 4.

The next cohort will launch on February 27.  The course is self-paced through online assignments and discussions in Schoology. For more information and to enroll, go to pdEnroller event #101553

“Becoming a Common Sense Educator has made me a more effective and prepared teacher. Instead of throwing random tech advice as needed, I am able to be intentional with my lessons. I like to think of myself as a tech competent teacher. I was born in the 90s and have lived the changes from dial up, floppy disks, cds, usbs, social media, google and the cloud. However, I never realized my lack of expertise in teaching about technology use and developing digital citizens. As a result of becoming a common sense educator, my students are better informed and prepared for digital use.” – Cassandra Fowler, Garfield Elementary School

“It was a great opportunity to reflect on my own digital habits as well as discuss with students what they are both comfortable with (a lot!) and what they aren’t. It allows us to connect over a topic that frequently drives us apart generationally.” – David Johnston, Capital High School

“This fall our school went to a 1:1 student-to-Chromebook ratio. Students were both excited at the prospect of having a Chromebook to call their own and nervous about the responsibility of taking care of it. I appreciated the CSM lessons on maintaining a healthy media balance. Students appreciate that they have a point person, me, to go to with media issues. Parents know me as the person who answers their concerns. CSM lessons have been crucial in our transition & have helped me lead the way.” – Mary Mathis, Washington Middle School

“I believe that being more mindful of my understanding of technology education in my classroom opens a better connection with my students. By allowing myself to gain additional information… the resources provided via Common Sense Education, I am able to open my eyes to the evolution of what a classroom needs. Engagement is at an all time high. Our students want to be almost “entertained” as they learn. It is my job to find tools, tricks and to gain further insight regarding technology.” – Nicole Winkley, Avanti High School