Retirement benefit solicitation emails are common this time of year

Black and grey digital device with icon for mail zoomed inRecently you may have received an email from one or more outside vendors stating that as an Olympia School District employee you are eligible to meet with a representative regarding retirement benefit questions. These types of solicitation emails are commonly sent to organizations at the end of the school year and offer advising services about state, federal and individual retirement benefit questions.

Emails such as these are not from the Olympia School District, even though the subject heading may reference Olympia School District employees.

The Olympia School District does not endorse one retirement planner/firm over another. In addition, the district has not, and will not share information with a firm. Your email address is likely listed on our website, and we believe that the firms search our website for the purpose of solicitations. The district has not submitted a list of employees and email addresses as part of a public disclosure request.

Please contact Tonya Palmer, payroll supervisor, if you have questions or additional concerns at