YouTube removing ‘Community Contributions’ feature does not impact OSD video captioning


YouTube recently announced they would be removing the “Community Contributions” feature from the platform at the end of September. This toolset allowed for third-party content viewers to provide additional captions to videos.

Several staff members have reached out asking if this will impact Olympia School District’s ability to use YouTube’s automatic captioning platform. It will not – the YouTube automatic captioning platform will be unaltered during this transition. Video creators will still be able to utilize automatic captioning, as well as the captions editing suite within YouTube.

Thank you for your work in ensuring your video content is captioned and available to our entire community. If you are interested in providing video content to our community, please review the Increasing the Accuracy of Automatically Generated Captions guide available on the Website Accessibility Resources page. If you have additional questions or tips regarding captioning or other accessibility considerations, please reach out to Robert Hardy, the district’s Website Accessibility Specialist.