YouTube Video Visibility Options

Uploading videos to YouTube can be a great way to reach a large audience, but not all of our content is intended for the general public. Many videos are created for a select audience, perhaps a school, individual class or families.

When uploading to YouTube, it is important to check the visibility settings of your video. There are three available options:

  • Public: These videos will be visible via searching on Google or YouTube. They are open to the general public and may feature ads from YouTube.
  • Unlisted: These videos will not appear in Google or YouTube search results and they will not feature YouTube ads. Users can share these videos by linking to them. This setting is ideal for emailing videos or linking to videos from webpages.
  • Private: These videos are the most locked down and will also not be monetized. Video creators will need to manually share the video with each intended viewer. This is not recommended if attempting to share the video to numerous viewers as it can be very time consuming.

The visibility of your video is set through the Visibility tab when initially uploading a video:

YouTube video upload menu. The third tab, Visibility, is highlighted and the visibility menu is highlighted in red.

If you would like to alter the visibility of an existing video, that is done on the video’s Details tab:

Video details menu. The Visibility menu is highlighted and Unlisted is selected.

Additional information on video visibility settings can be found on the YouTube Help site. To learn how to create a YouTube channel using your Olympia School District credentials, see this screencast. If you have questions or tips about uploading video content or captioning your videos, please reach out to the Communications Department.