Please share back-to-school photos with Communications department


The first day of school this year and the days leading up to the first day are going to be unlike any we have experienced. That doesn’t mean that we can’t share all the smiles, special moments and laughter that takes place with our families and community. In fact, if anything, it’s more important than ever to show our families just how excited we are to reconnect with all our students.

Normally our Communications Department would be out in schools taking photos and video of these moments. Since that can’t happen this year we are asking our staff to share any special moments you capture with us so we can share them with our community. We need your help!

We have created a Google Drive folder and shared it with all OSD staff. If you have any special moments that you capture via photo please take a second and upload them to this folder so we can push them out on District Social Media, the OSD website and upcoming newsletters.

Please include any fun moments you have prepping for the first day of school, such as preparing and/or handing out supply distribution bags, or zooming with other staff members. It’s all great!

If your photos feature students, please check permissions in Skyward prior to uploading to the Google Drive folder. Students simply need to be marked “yes” for “district/school” use in Skyward. Should you have any questions regarding how to check student permissions please contact the front office staff of your school, they will be able to assist.

Thank you all for your help, we can’t wait to see what you have to share!