2020-21 Credit Card MOU

Each October staff fill out their annual employee agreement regarding credit card use. If you have a district-issued credit card, we need you to read and sign this agreement. This year the User Agreement of District-Issued Procurement Card has been updated slightly.  With the changing work environment the Washington State Auditor’s Office recommended changes to the Credit Card MOU the district uses. Beginning October 1, Skyward will prompt you to complete the 2020-21 SY MOU. This is a requirement to use district procurement cards.

Changes include:

  • Updated Reminder about Ship To Address for online orders.
  • E-Commerce Ordering Requirements.
  • Recording Credit Card information.

The following attestations have been added to the MOU. Acknowledgement of all items on the MOU is required to use a district procurement card.

  • I am mindful that all purchases must be shipped to an Olympia School District entity. Therefore shipments should never be made to a personal address.
  • I am mindful that orders from the following E-Commerce vendors must be completed via Skyward. Current vendors are: Staples, Office Depot, Dell, Grainger, Amazon, KCDA, Home Depot Pro, Really Good Stuff, Waxie, Childcraft, Frey, Sax, School Specialty and SportsTime.
  • At no point will I record credit card information via email, handwritten note, etc., to be used at a later time (e.g., credit card number, expiration date or CVV). (This wording comes from the credit card company, not the Auditor).

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about the new attestations or any of the others listed on the complete form. Please email help-business@osd.wednet.edu with any questions or concerns so that we may answer you directly.

Also remember, the Skyward form process is helpful because we can eliminate paper processing for the employee. However, the Skyward form system is less intuitive than other systems; after you fill out the attestations, remember to scroll down to look for the “submit” button and you will be hitting “submit” in two different places.

View the complete form (Note: this linked form is for review only and is not interactive; you must fill out the survey online in Skyward).