OSDEF surpasses Principal’s Emergency Fund fundraising goal

OSDEF Logo with image of stick figures of an adult and children and the name of the Foundation beneath

The Olympia School District Education Foundation (OSDEF) has exceeded its $110,000 fundraising goal for the annual Principal’s Emergency Fund breakfast.

As of September 28, just four days after the virtual breakfast fundraiser, OSDEF Executive Director Katy Johansson reported the Foundation had raised more than $119,000. The Principal’s Emergency Fund provides every OSD principal the resources to help meet basic needs of students and their families.

“The OSDEF Board of Trustees and I are grateful to see that the community support for the Principal’s Emergency Fund matches the need for this resource, which has never been more critical to our students and families,” said Katy Johannson, executive director of the Foundation. “Whether you sponsored the event, donated, encouraged someone to watch the livestream or just told someone how the PEF helps those with urgent basic needs, you were a part of this year’s success. Thank you.”

If you were unable to watch the virtual event broadcast live last week, the recording, which includes testimonials by several district principals and families served by the fund, is shared on the OSDEF website.

Thank you OSDEF and the community for supporting the success of OSD students!