Mac users take note: Be sure to connect to OSD Wi-Fi

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Recently the Technology Helpdesk has received reports of struggles with Zoom sessions not connecting or operating correctly. We have determined that most of these issues are happening to our Mac users. In such cases you (the host) may not have your video showing to your students, while you cannot see theirs as well. Audio may also not be transmitting correctly. 

After looking into this, we have found that Mac computers will often connect to the first openly available Wi-Fi network present. In our buildings, this is OSD Public as it has no password. If your Mac computer automatically connects to OSD Public, you will have Zoom session issues, as described above. 

When you restart or open up your computer on-site for the day, please check your Wi-Fi network to ensure that it’s on OSD Wi-Fi, NOT OSD Public. 

SEBB Program’s annual open enrollment begins Oct. 26

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The School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB) Program’s annual open enrollment period for 2020 is Oct. 26 to Nov. 23.

Open enrollment is your opportunity to make changes to your health plan benefits. All changes made during open enrollment are effective Jan. 1, 2021.

  • What changes can you make? Learn about the changes you can make on the HCA website under Open Enrollment (SEBB), What changes can I make? You can also read the article on page 3 of your October Intercom newsletter.
  • How do I make changes? Log in to SEBB My Account and submit your changes between Oct. 26 and Nov. 23. If you need to submit a paper form instead, the form will be available from your payroll or benefits office.

Note: Corrections have been made to the SEBB Intercom newsletter that was mailed in early October; see the HCA website under Open Enrollment (SEBB), Intercom newsletter.

If you have questions about your benefits or account, please contact your benefits administrator Amy McGuire at

Latest version of Return to Work Safety Plan (4.0) is posted on website

Read the latest version (Version 4.0) of the OSD COVID-19 Pandemic Return to Work Safety Plan. The plan is posted on the staff Intranet, so be sure to sign in to Google to access the file, which is located under Departments, Safety & Risk Management. A copy of the plan is also posted on the district Internet site on the Support Services Department webpage and on the COVID-19 Response Protocol webpage.

Please remember to follow all safety and health protocols outlined in the plan.

VEBA hosts first-ever virtual fair

You are invited to the VEBA Plan’s first-ever Virtual VEBA Fair!

Not sure what VEBA is? Have a question? Read the VEBA Plan Benefits Guide 2020. Then, pick a date and time that works for you. Click on the link or use your phone to stop by the VEBA “info booth” and chat anytime during the given time.

A 10-minute mini presentation will occur at the beginning and middle of each two-hour time slot. Don’t worry if you miss the presentation. Drop in anytime to ask questions. This is an open forum.

October is Disability History Month

A reminder that October is Disability History Month. Schools across the district will observe this by conducting or promoting educational activities such as school assemblies or guest speaker presentations that provide instruction, awareness and understanding of disability history and people with disabilities.

New YouTube caption editing tool

In response to increasing demand for closed captioning, YouTube is starting to roll out a new captioning service. With improved speech recognition and a revamped user interface, the new tool promises to make captioning video content even easier.

Some YouTube users may encounter a new set of options when entering the Subtitles menu of their YouTube Studio. To begin editing automatically generated captions for a video, users can click “Duplicate and Edit.”

YouTube caption screen showing a Duplicate and Edit option

This will bring up the new YouTube caption editor. This tool, unlike previous iterations, allows for users to edit the captions in either paragraph or caption form. This makes editing the captions more natural and efficient. To toggle between the different layouts, users can click either “Edit as Text” or “Assign Timings”.

YouTube caption editing screen. Edit as Text is selected
YouTube caption editing screen. Assign Timings is selected

Once editing is complete, users may click ‘Publish’ to publish their captions to their live video.

A screencast demonstrating the new tool has been produced by the Communications and Community Relations Department. Additional information on the new YouTube captioning tool may be found on the YouTube help page.

Olympia School District staff are also invited to attend the Enhancing the Accuracy of Automatically-Generated Captions workshop in which we will discuss using the new and old tools. In the meantime, if you have any accessibility questions or tips, please reach out to Robert Hardy in the Communications and Community Relations Department.

Congratulations to our newest Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes Logo with the words: Celebrating OSD Employees

Now more than ever, let’s hear about all of our Everyday Heroes around the district. Remember to submit names of employees districtwide who have done something deserving of encouragement and praise. Give a shout out to one of your colleagues at your school or support building and watch for it to appear in an upcoming Everyday Heroes blog post.

Here are our newest honorees:

Everyday Heroes
All Staff Supporting DLC and Life Skills Programs
I have to nominate the extraordinary heroes and recognize the staff teaching and supporting in-person learning at our district level programs. It is not every day that a person volunteers to come back during a pandemic and help the students most in need of in-person education. I have to commend each and every person who has stepped up and offered their skills and their patience as the first staff to return under new and uncertain times.

To quote Shannon L. Alder, “Heroes are not made. They are born out of circumstances and rise to the occasion when their spirit can no longer coexist with the hypocrisy of injustice to others.”

Such circumstances we find ourselves in, and your service cannot be understated. You have my deepest respect and gratitude.
Submitted by Denise Hammer, Social Services Coordinator, Madison and Boston Harbor ES

How to nominate an Everyday Hero

  • Email the Communications and Community Relations Department ( a few sentences, and no more than 200 words, about why the person deserves recognition. It’s easiest to write as if speaking directly to the colleague, such as “Thank you for helping with…” or “I really appreciated when you…”
  • Write “Everyday Heroes” in the subject heading of the email.
  • Include your first and last name as the person submitting the comments.
  • Include the first and last name of the OSD employee you are recognizing.
  • Include the job title and work location (school or department) of the person you are recognizing.

All submissions will be posted in this blog on a weekly basis and archived each week.

See the latest OSD Office Directory

Below you will find a viewable Google Sheet with the current OSD Office Directory. You can print this document off as a single page, front/back piece.*

To print just follow these simple instructions:

  • Open the One-Page OSD Office Directory.
  • Select the print icon, or go to ‘File’ and ‘Print’.
  • This takes you to ‘Print Settings. In the top right-hand corner of the page select the pull-down menu that reads ‘Current Sheet’ and change that to ‘Workbook’.
  • Select ‘Next’ in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • The print dialogue box will open on your computer.
  • Interested in printing on a single sheet of paper? Select ‘Two-Sided Print’ in your print settings. You will want to print with a ‘Long Edge Binding’ so that the directory prints in portrait layout.
  • Select ‘Print’.

This is a “live document” which is maintained by the OSD Communications and Community Relations Department. Should there be any changes needed, please let us know at We will get these updates/change requests made and they will be available immediately to anyone accessing this document.

We hope this is a useful tool to all employees!

*Please note that only OSD employees will have the ability to access/print this document.

Learn about Open Enrollment

Person holds finger on the on switch for cell phone as if to check messages

The following is information from the OSD Payroll department:

I love receiving a plethora of open enrollment emails and I read every one of them! Said no one ever!

This year, enjoy virtual, easy and streamlined communications during Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment 2021: October 26 – November 23, 2020
The district is partnering with NW Benefit Advisors to bring you everything you need to know for a fun-filled Open Enrollment season. You can access all materials for the voluntary benefits through NW Benefit Advisors and there will also be links to SEBB benefits.

To opt-in to receive the latest information simply Text ‘Olysd’ to 52855. That’s it! The first 200 employees to register will be entered into a raffle.

For more information about Open Enrollment, visit the staff Intranet newly updated Payroll/Benefits webpage. To access the staff intranet, go to the district website Home page and select LOGIN in the upper right corner. Sign in with your OSD Google account, then on the Home page select Intranet, Departments, Payroll, and then Benefit Information.