Tips for setting up a home workspace

Woman types on computer keybaord at table while sitting up straight in chair, wrists aligned for proper posture/ergonomics

The following are tips for setting up a home workspace shared by the Educational Service District (ESD) 113 Workers Compensation Trust.

Under Pandemic restrictions, some staff work from home. Proper ergonomic setup can help prevent injury. When telecommuting, remember:

  • Designate a specific area for work setup
  • Ensure adequate lighting
  • Clear clutter
  • Watch for potential trip hazards
    • Cords or items on floor
    • Furniture legs
  • Don’t overload electrical circuits
  • Consider Ergonomics
    • Use good posture
    • Place monitor so the top is at eye level
    • Keep head level, avoid bending neck down
    • Relax your shoulders
    • Keep wrists straight
    • Use a separate keyboard, mouse, and monitor for laptop if possible

View a one-page “What is Ergonomics” flyer also shared by ESD113