Resources for interfaith celebrations, holidays and observances

White ceramic teacup sits on railing with mountains and lake in the distance

As part of the district’s work related to the board-approved Student Outcomes, specifically Outcome 1, Indicator 1, we are providing you with some resources of various interfaith celebrations, as well as holidays and observances.

These resources are designed to make you aware of interfaith calendar events and observances so you can be mindful throughout the year. As a reminder, Outcome 1 states “Our Students Will: Be Compassionate and Kind.” Indicator 1 states our students will “Be aware of and appreciate one’s similarities and differences with others.”

Remember you can always return to the staff blog at any future date to access these resources. We will continue to update this list as we become aware of new free resources:

  • Key Dates – April 2020 issue of OnCall, published by the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA). This annual calendar lists a combination of special months and weeks, as well as holidays and some interfaith celebrations.
  • OSPI website: Common Religious and U.S. Public Holiday Calendars
  • There is a free online interfaith calendar that appears to have been last updated in 2017; however, there is a link from this calendar to an A-Z list of definitions of interfaith observances. The definitions include specifics, for example, about when holy days are observed and those that include fasting. You may find these definitions helpful.