Creating Captions for Video Content; workshops set Jan. 11 and Feb. 1

YouTube app on iPhone

Creating and sharing online video content can be an excellent way to engage with students and their families. Captioning such content ensures a broader swath of our community is able to enjoy it and be involved.

While manually captioning a video can be time consuming, the district encourages staff to use YouTube to vastly simplify and streamline the process. Videos uploaded to YouTube are automatically transcribed, negating the need to type out each word. Using this workflow, staff will upload their video, wait for YouTube to process the video and then revise the captions for accuracy. A guide on the steps involved is available on the district’s Website Accessibility Resources page, and the Communications and Community Relations Department has also put together a screencast demonstrating the tool.

The Communications department is also offering workshops demonstrating the tool. Attendees will learn how to leverage YouTube’s speech recognition software to efficiently create captions. Additional tips include increasing the accuracy of the automatic captioning, how to edit the captions for grammar and spelling and how to correctly format captions for sounds or music.

If you are interested in producing video content, but are unsure where to start, this blog post has you covered. If you have additional accessibility questions or tips, please reach out to Robert Hardy, the district’s website accessibility specialist.