School Board proclaims Feb. 1-5 Black Lives Matter at School Week

Black Lives Matter at School Logo, including face with a mask, and the words "A Week of Action. A Year of Purpose. A Lifetime of Practice.

The Olympia School Board has proclaimed that the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action will be recognized in OSD schools February 1-5, 2021.

Board members took turns reading the proclamation during their January 14 meeting to support the national campaign, which first began in Seattle in 2016 and has since spread across the nation.

The school board proclamation states in part that “school systems have a responsibility to their students and the communities they serve to nurture young people who have the courage and skills to confront personal, systemic and societal bias and recognize the many types of privilege that exist in our society.”

The proclamation also “encourages educators, students and families to incorporate the 13 pillars of the Black Lives Matter movement into their discussions about race and privilege all year long by teaching a Black Lives Matter at School lesson, showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in our attire, attending an event in support of racial equity, singing songs that acknowledge our history of oppression and the struggle for justice, reading a book that challenges our world view, making art that celebrates the diversity of our community, listening to the experiences of people who are different from us and talking with our children about how each of us can work to build a more just and equitable society.”

View the full proclamation