COVID-19 Vaccination survey and information

Health worker prepares person's arm to receive a vaccination

Last Friday employees received a link to an OSD employee survey regarding COVID-19 Vaccination. If you have not taken the survey, please do so.

The Olympia School District is partnering with Safeway/Albertson’s Pharmacies and Public School Employees of Washington (PSE) to host a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for Olympia School District staff who are eligible for the state-determined phase currently being vaccinated. Further, Kaiser Permanente and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction have just announced a partnership to begin vaccination of school employees when eligible under state guidelines.

At this time a clinic is not scheduled; however, we continue to advocate and plan for one. Also, there is an on-going chance that we may be able to send employees to other districts that are hosting a clinic.

Your answers to this survey will be treated with care for privacy; if you have questions regarding this survey, we invite you to email and OSD Director of Health Services Cate Fairhead will respond to you directly.

This may not be the final or only survey that we request you to take. As the Department of Health transitions our state to new phases of vaccination eligibility, we may have further questions to ask our staff. We may want you to declare, or re-declare, if you want to be contacted for a last-minute vaccine availability. A clinic provider may require additional information from us.  Please know that your data will be treated with confidentiality as we navigate the new ways to advocate that our staff obtain a COVID-19 vaccine.

Thank you.

Please take the survey