Schoology for secondary hybrid groupings

In preparation for hybrid learning at the secondary level, many of you have reached out with questions about steps to take in Schoology. Secondary teachers will NOT get new courses in Skyward and Schoology for hybrid. Students in the A, B and full distance groups will be in the same class on Skyward and Schoology, with a designation for attendance purposes. 

As you transition to hybrid, grading groups in Schoology may be useful for posting differentiated information and resources for A, B and full distance cohorts. We recommend using grading groups to share folders, information, links, and/or discussions, assessments or assignments for the hybrid cohorts. Material assigned to a specific grading group in Schoology will only be visible to that grading group. 

For information and video tutorials on creating and using grading groups in Schoology, please visit the OSD Teacher Techbox, which is linked in the OSD Portal.