Learn more about PayActiv

Payactiv flyer with an image of a cell phone offering employees to get an extra $20 for signing up with Payactiv and making a first transfer of earned wages to a card or bank account by April 14, 2021. Heading says, "Give it a try, we know you'll love it."

In last week’s blog, we shared with employees about PayActiv, a new option to get your pay when you need it prior to payday at the end of the month.

The vendor has since sent us information sharing that employees are eligible to get an extra $20 when they sign up with Payactiv and make their first transfer of Earned Wages to a card or bank account by April 14, 2021. PayActiv is also working with KOFE that can assist with Financial Planning.

Learn more about PayActiv by visiting the benefits webpage on the staff intranet. Be sure to log in to your Google account to access the staff intranet.