Procurement Card MOU: What is it and why is it important?

Laptop with zoomed in hand typing and hand holding a credit card with phone and ear phones laying next to computer

Purchasing with a district procurement credit card is convenient and has become part of our regular practice; however, there are important terms and conditions to which all OSD employees are expected to comply. Prior to using a district card you must have fully completed the MOU (Memo of Understanding) for Procurement Card. This MOU provides the employee with the list of required terms and conditions, and by completing it the employee acknowledges agreement with these. We want to remind employees of three specifics areas of concern with the use of procurement cards:

Purchases shipped to non-OSD locations

ALL purchases MUST BE SHIPPED to an OSD entity; never to a personal address. The state auditor perceives shipments to non-OSD locations as misappropriation. It opens up the possibility of defrauding the district, with the possibility of the purchased items never being used by the district at the desired location. We know this has not been the intent in the past, but for the district’s and your protection it is imperative that purchases are always shipped to an OSD location.

ECommerce vendor purchases made with procurement card

Orders from ECommerce vendors must be completed via Skyward; never with a district procurement card. Skyward has been set up so that ordering from specific vendors of high volume use can be transacted through the requisition process in Skyward.  Ecommerce vendor orders should ALWAYS be placed through the requisition process in Skyward. This procedure, in addition to streamlining our invoice processing, also ensures that orders only ship to an OSD location, and meet competitive pricing established for us by these vendors.  The current Ecommerce vendors are Staples, Office Depot, Dell, Grainger, Amazon, KCDA, The Home Depot, Really Good Stuff, Waxie, Childcraft, Frey, Sax, School Specialty and Sportime. If you are unfamiliar with how to place an Ecommerce order in Skyward, we have a video we can share with you. Just reach out to Business Services so we can send you this video.

Procurement cards used to purchase gift cards, postage stamps or cash equivalents

The card cannot be used to purchase gift cards, postage stamps or other items considered as cash or cash equivalents. Per Washington State Auditor, these items are considered as cash, and as such, a gift of public funds.  In addition, in the case of gift cards, the IRS requires that gift card value be reported as income when given to employees of the district.

These three items have been audit findings in the past, therefore we must disclose to the state auditor as non-compliance. We understand that there are sometimes extraordinary circumstances and we are always here to assist you with problem solving prior to purchasing. If you have questions, concerns or the need for problem solving, please call Business Services at extension 6120 or send a help ticket to