New e-Library supports professional development

Laptop open with cup on one side and pencil holder and books and plant on other on a table

Olympia School District has launched a new e-Library for employees to use at no cost. This professional development library, purchased with grant money, includes full texts from publishers that can be downloaded onto an employee’s computer and/or Google Drive. At the outset, the library of nearly 600 titles contains information mostly relevant to teaching staff and school administrators. Plans are to expand the library collection to offer materials suitable for all certificated, classified and administrative staff.

Log into the Gale e-Library with your OSD Google Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I access the books? When can I access books?
A: The Gale e-Library involves a Single Sign On through OSD Google accounts.

Q: Can I listen to the books? Can I download the books?
A: Yes and yes. Employees can listen to the books online. You can download PDF versions of each chapter onto your computer and/or into your Google Drive. Educators can also link PDF chapters from Schoology.

Q: Can I print part of the book?
A: Yes, you can download the PDF version of any chapter (which looks just like the printed version in the book itself) and choose to physically print it off. This can be a particularly useful strategy when engaging a group of educators in a close read of a portion of a text or a diagram from a book.

Q: Can multiple people access the same book at the same time?
A: Yes, there is no limit to how many people can access a book at a given time nor to how many times a book can be accessed.

Q: Are people tracking which titles I access?
A: No. Just like the public library does not allow reports to be analyzed by the individual user, the Gale e-Library vendor does not provide OSD individual user data about what content is accessed by whom.

Q: What titles/books will I have access to? Will new titles be added from year-to-year?
A: Initially, the district has access to 581 titles. As funds allow and quality publications are released, Teaching & Learning will continue to expand this professional growth library to support all OSD educators (certificated, classified and administrative).

Q: What are some top titles I might be interested in checking out?
A: View a sampling of highlights you might be interested in on the staff intranet Teaching & Learning department Gale e-Library webpage. Remember to log in to the staff intranet using your OSD Google account (On the top of the Home page of the district website, click “Login.” Click the red rectangle titled “Sign in with Google.” Click the “Intranet” heading near the top of the OSD Home page, “Departments,” and “Teaching & Learning.” The Gale e-Library is among the department subpages located on the far left side of the page.