New version of Return to Work Safety Plan posted on website

Grouping of blue medical disposable masks

Read the latest version (Version 5.21) of the OSD COVID-19 Pandemic Return to Work Safety Plan. The most current version of the plan is posted on both the staff Intranet and on the district website. Be sure to bookmark the link above for easy access. For those who prefer to visit the webpages where it is posted, the plan is shared in the following locations:

The latest updates to the plan include:

  • Page 1: Language added at the end of first paragraph noting the use of volunteers and outside of school activities will be limited.
  • Page 5: Update to Isolation Room location at ORLA.
  • Page 8: Update noting COVID-19 attestation is no longer a requirement. References to wellness checks/attestations have also been removed elsewhere in the document.
  • Page 11: Link added to the most current Thurston County Public Health and Social Services COVID-19 Student and Employee pathway.