Learn about Deferred Compensation Program for supplemental retirement savings

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The following information is shared by the district Payroll Office

The Washington State Deferred Compensation Program (DCP) is a supplemental retirement savings program administered by the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS). 

Why save with DCP?

  • You can save with as little as $30 per month
  • Your contributions are tax-deferred so if you save $100 per month, your paycheck is only reduced by $85
  • You don’t need to know anything about investing – if you complete the Quick Enrollment form, a professional team will invest for you
  • Getting started late?  That’s okay!  You can save as much as $1,625 per month, or even more if you are age 50 or older

To learn more about DCP, visit the DCP website at drs.wa.gov/DCP or watch the DCP webinar video.