Learn how employees can access phone interpreting services to communicate with families

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Language Link is a phone interpretation service available to all OSD Staff Members to use when communicating with families who communicate in a target language other than English and/or are multilingual.

Accessing Language Link

Calling Language Link allows for an interpreter to join in your conversation to bridge your communication with families who speak a target language other than English.

Information about how to access this service by phone, including unique codes to enter for each school and/or support building, are posted on the staff intranet. Be sure to log in to Google to access the Telephone Interpretation Service webpage on the staff intranet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use Language Link to support an in-person conversation with a family or community member?

Yes! Follow the easy steps posted on the Telephone Interpretation Service page on the staff intranet.

Is there someone on campus who knows about Language Link?

In September, the Teaching & Learning (T&L) Team will partner with Family Liaisons (elementary schools) and Counselors (secondary schools) on training. At that point, educators in these roles can serve as on-site supports.  

Who to Contact

If educators have questions specific to Language Line, please contact: