Not seeing students in SecURLY Classroom? Learn how to get your students reconnected

SecURLy Classroom works as an extension in Chrome on student Chromebooks. If students have not restarted their Chromebooks recently, the extension may stop functioning. There are two ways to reconnect the extension.

Option 1: Restart the Chromebook (recommended)

Restarting the Chromebook will also reconnect SecURLy Classroom. Doing this often is recommended for needed updates on the Chromebooks and is a habit that most students have not developed. 

It is suggested that teachers built Chromebook restarts into their classroom routines. It could be the entry task every week on Monday, for example.

Option 2: Restart the Extension

  1. Students find the extension in their Chrome browser. This may be pinned or may be found by clicking on the puzzle piece icon in the upper left corner of their browser.
SecURLy Classroom extension in the extension toolbar in Chrome

2. If the extension needs to be reconnected, you will see a red ! on it

The image shows Extensions in Chrome, including one titled "Securly Classroom" which for purposes of this example has a red exclamation point just to the left of the title indicating the extension needs to be reconnected as explained in the post.

3. Have the students click on the extension icon. This will reset the connection and they will once again be visible in SecURLy Classroom.

For more information or assistance, please reach out to the Instructional Technology Coach team (