Tired voice? Distracted students? Your classroom audio system can help!

Elementary classroom image of teacher walking through room of students working on a project

It’s not just about volume. It’s about clarity. Using your enhanced audio system helps ensure that your clear message reaches every seat in your space, with less strain on your voice.

You know from experience. Masks interfere with your ability to communicate with your students. There is a major difference in the quality of your voice when wearing a mask. Your enhanced audio system will improve both the quality and volume of your voice. Masks aside, 15-22% of our students have some hearing impairment.  Your enhanced audio system can help!…but only if you use it.


  • Teachers have less vocal strain/no need to use “teacher voice”
  • When students hear better, they learn better
  • Less need to repeat instruction
  • Students are more involved and less disruptive

Tips and Tricks

  • Use every day to form a habit
  • 4-6 inches below chin
  • Charge nightly
  • Speak at conversational level
  • If you can hear yourself, it’s too loud
  • Test with different masks
  • Invite a colleague in to help evaluate