Updated version of Pandemic Safety Plan posted on website

Grouping of blue disposable face coverings on a table

Read the latest version (Version 6.0) of the OSD COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Plan. The most current version of the plan is posted on both the staff Intranet and on the district website. Be sure to bookmark the link above for easy access.

The latest updates to the plan include:

  • Page 1: Date added to top left designating when the last update was made to this document, which has been reformatted as an accessible Google Doc. Language updated regarding the use of volunteers, outside of school activities, and overnight field trips.
  • Page 10: New links added to revised Thurston County Public Health and Social Services Pathways (Flowchart for Symptomatic Students and Staff).
  • Pages 11-13: Staff and Student COVID Testing Options – Decision Trees have been added.
  • Pages 14-16: Updated information added regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Page 17: Information added regarding Student Absences or Closures due to COVID-related circumstances
  • Page 18: Information updated regarding what employees should do if they receive a report of a positive, but unconfirmed case, of COVID-19 at schools or support buildings.
  • Page 19: Information added regarding Student Absence Tracking Procedures.